Silver Gray + Violet


From top left... Barbara Barry Gem Stone Vase, Cleo Chair and Sculpture, Lux Mini Bag, ERIK SKOLDBERG, UNTITLED,  Color Palette of oil paints, Victor Velyan Earrings, Warp and Weft Lavender Wool Carpet, Art work by Erik Skoldberg, Untitled, Diamond Sofa by Baker Furniture, Area Environments Floral Wall Mural                                 


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Mid Winter




All that Glitters is Gold . . .




Cool & Sleek for Fall . . . 

Top row center Floor Lamp in Jet Black/The Line  Third row center Small Assorted Vessels/Beaverhausen  Fourth row left Leather Tufted Bench/The Line  Fourth row right Zodiac Pendant in Onyx/Asha   Fifth row left Original Artwork by Kristina Sostarko/inaluxe





This month the color orange is inspiring me.  The pop of color seems so fresh and luscious.

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Top Row Left to Right Santorini, Greece, Vintage Rolex with Leather Bracelet, Luli Sanchez Blue Dot Sea Flower
Third Row Left Ellsworth Kelly Print, Center Victoria Beckham Mirrored Aviator/                                                             Fifth Row Left Blue Topaz Earring, Right Celine Blue                              




Top Row Center Romy Northover Ceramic Tumbler/                                              Second Row Left + Third Row Right Paintings by Cy Twombly on Display at Gagosian Gallery/                                                                                                         Third Row Center Peony Coffee Table by Dering Hall/